Wall Art!

I live in a rented apartment. I guess, I would be here for a year or so. For the same reason, I don’t have plans to invest lot of time or money on wall art but at the same time, I want the place to look very much a home for my family. Especially for my little girl. So from time to time I indulge in DIYs and see what little I can do to spruce up the place.

From my experience what I have learned is that you don’t need a lot of money to do fabulous home decor but time and imagination in abundance. Even if you do not have imagination, do you worry, you can always borrow some from Pinterest. 🙂

Here is a simple DIY wall art, which does not require a lot of time or effort but at the same time makes you feel at home.

How to:

  1. Take some photos, arrange them and paste them on the wall in a heart shape or any other shape of your choice.


2. Add some 3D stickers. It cost me 7 Euros.

3. Finally add a clock or even a sunburst mirror would be awesome.


Simple yet attractive and covers the majority of an otherwise bland wall. It is ideal for your kids nursery or play-area.

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