How to spruce up your window with a mini garden


A simple mini garden can do wonders to the look of your, otherwise mundane, window. Not only does it lend a vibrant look to your window but also changes the entire mood of the room. It is simple to make and rather inexpensive. All you need is a lot of imagination. So, put on your creative hat and your apron. The best thing is, even if you follow my tutorial, you will end up creating a unique mini garden piece. As you progress you will find that ideas come to you naturally. And the best thing is you can keep changing the look of it every week or so. Simply add or remove some of the items.

How to:

1. Take a carton and cut it open to form a tray or simply take a tray. I have used the carton in which strawberries come.


2. Paint it with the colour of your choice.


I have used yellow as it is a bright and sunny colour.

3. Let it dry.

4. Line the tray with a plastic sheet. This step is optional.


5. Now use your imagination to create a mini garden in the given space. I have added the following things:
a) a flowering plant. The plant cost me 3.99€.


b) some add on to the flowers…


These cost me .99€ and .49€ respectively.


c) a nice flower pot, which cost me 3. 49€.


d) a cactus and small flower pot, which cost me 2.99€ each.



( oh! doesn’t it look a darling???)

e) a lantern, which cost me 4.99€.


You can use any lantern. It adds a charm to the whole thing.

f) some round stones or pebbles.


g) two pine cones , which I picked it from my backyard and coloured it.



h) terracotta figure.
I bought a mushroom for 1€.


i) finally some candles.

6. Now place the items according to your taste.



And finally, you have your mini garden.
This window is adjacent to my dinning table. At night we simply light a candle in the lantern, which adds a romantic aura to the room.


The following picture was taken a few weeks after this, when I gave my mini garden a little make-over.


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4 Responses to How to spruce up your window with a mini garden

  1. I absolutely love this!!!! The flowers are just beautiful. I nominated you for a Liebster Award check out your nomination!

  2. Joy says:

    Love how simple this is, but yet could add so much. I might steal this DIY! Thanks for the inspiration. 😄

  3. pariskhan says:

    That’s really cute!

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