To be or Not to be?


Pic courtesy: The Party People Inc.

We are all caught in a constant soliloquy of To be or Not to be.  A war in which we painstakingly take turns to be on each side.  We have all been in that boat, at least once; weighing the pros and cons. For many it is a process through which a well calculated or thought-about decision can be achieved and yet for many others, it is a façade for procrastination and to be simply sitting on the fence.

I’m also at the moment caught in a soliloquy of To be or Not to be. I was a career oriented girl. Someone who believed (and still believes) that every person should earn their living and make an identity for themselves; irrespective of the gender. But now a mother of a child. I’m a stay-at-home-mom, not out of compulsion or choice but out necessity. I know this is a topic of never-ending debate. One where people can get very vocal about.

For me this is something very personal, the woman herself has to take the decision. I have been reading quite a lot of blogs and articles written for and against it. Trust me, I completely did agree with both the views. Each author had his/her own reasons to give their voice a convincing tinge.

My mother was a working woman who left her career to bring up her children. She did that out of necessity of course, but not out of choice. Even to this day, in the back of her mind she stores the regret. As a daughter I can see that and I can also relate to that and to a certain extend feel that. I also know some women who are complacent with their lives having given upon their high-profile jobs for bringing up their children.

After the much tug of war, I have come to the conclusion that wanting a career is not being selfish or loving your child less but it is all about wanting self-worth. To celebrate and cherish yourself. So that you can be happy as a mother and a person. Whatever your decision is, it should lead you to happiness.

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