Pen holder or Organizer

wpid-img_20140814_0952214742.jpg.jpegThis is a pen holder/stationery supplies organizer that I have made by up-cycling Pringles can. It is really easy and makes a useful product and you get a chance to unleash your creativity.

What you need to begin.

1. an empty Pringles can or something similar to it.pringles










2. a knife

3. craft strips or patterned tapes or cut out strips from magazines to form colourful patterns.


















4. a pair of scissors.

5. hot glue gun or super glue.

6. a piece of tile/wood/ cardboard or anything of your choice to form the base of the organizer. In this, I have used a thin slab of concrete piece

7. decorative items of your choice

How to make.

1. Cut the can into three cylinders of variable length using the knife. One cylinder should be ideal to hold pen, pencil, scale etc.

2. Paste the strips or tapes on each of the cylinders using glue. Add different patterned strips to make it colourful.

3. Paste the strips on the piece of tile/ wood using glue. You can completely mask the tile with colourful strips.

4. Use hot glue gun or super glue to fix the cylinders on the tile that you have decorated.

You may also add decorative items  to add to the beauty of  the pen holder. I have used candles and butterfly cut-outs to accentuate the beauty of the organizer.

Note: If you’re planning to add candles to the organizer you should think twice before lighting it. 🙂

Happy Crafting 🙂


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