Driven by Ego

8 years of marriage has played havoc to their relationship of 12 years. Back in college, everyone thought their relationship was impenetrable to any of those petty things that may cause a relationship to fail. Smart, go-getters, energetic, successful, and devoted to each other. They both were and are all of these but devoted to each other.


After marriage, they both decided to build their careers before building their family further. Every year one of their impending promotions shelved the idea of having a baby for one more year. By the 6th year, they both had conveniently forgotten about the idea of a baby. They were further engulfed in their own career and the gulf between them deepened. Initially, they didn’t notice and when they did;  they pretended not to notice. But it became apparent when she was promoted as the Vice President of the company she was working. That evening when she triumphantly announced the good news to him, instead of congratulating her he smirked at her. His own inability to rise to such a position had aroused the green-eyed monster in him. He said, ” Oh! that’s one of those fancy titles corporate world endows on women. In reality, these don’t mean a thing. Compare our positions. I have more power and influence than you sans the fancy title.”  The response irked her not to a small extent. In her rage she blurted out,” Let’s not talk about fancy titles or power or influence. We both know I get paid more than you even before I was endowed with this so-called fancy title. If you haven’t made it to where you wanted to be, don’t take it out on others.”

That was the starting point. What started as a spark rapidly turned into a wildfire fueled by burgeoning ego. Things started falling apart and reached a point where they could not and would not stand each other.

One day, he demanded for divorce thinking that she would break down hearing that. She never expected that but she was adamant she wouldn’t give him the chance of seeing her vulnerable. She consented to it even when she didn’t want it. Even he didn’t want a divorce. It was only to frighten her but he hadn’t expected her to give consent so easily. Now, there was no going back. Neither of them wanted it but they soon found themselves giving petition for a divorce by mutual consent.

She hoped against all the hopes that he would say let’s forget this and get on with our lives together. She had decided if he makes the first move she would bury her ego and mend things and even give up her career. But he should say it and to let him know her mind, her pride wouldn’t let her.

On the other side, he wanted to hold her and say “I don’t want any of these, all I want is you”. But lacked the courage and his ego wouldn’t let him do that.

Finally, the day arrived to put everything down on black and white. To sign the papers and end it all. Both of them signed and when coming out of the court they both looked at each other, the mask of ego fell off. They couldn’t betray their true feeling. Both looked devastated but their ego held them back. They got on their respective cars and drove off to opposite directions.

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