The Girl Who Killed the Shawshank Redemption

This was roughly 6 months ago and I’m still  fuming over it. I haven’t dated anyone after that. I’m a medical laboratory technologist. Being in this line of work it is not easy for me to meet interesting people. But I chanced to meet someone interesting. A young literature student. Intelligent and beautiful. You see, this combination is very hard for me to find. My dating statistics is very numerable. In that history, she was the first one of this combination.

She was well read, which did not come to me as a surprise as she was a literature student and was as pretty as the girl on the cover page of a fashion magazine. I would have been quite nervous around her hadn’t we engaged in conversation about books. I’m not much of a reader but I like discussing characters, plots. I never had the patience to go through an entire book. To compensate that I watch movies. I like analyzing the plot, the characters, and the narrative style. Talking to her was a like reading a book you cannot put down (an expression I borrowed).


I was on cloud nine until we decided to go for a movie. As the plot of the movie slowly and yet dramatically unfolded, she kept asking, “What is going to happen next?, Will she tell him?” I thought she didn’t  understand that I too haven’t watched the movie, even though  I was the one who suggested her that we go for it. As quietly as possible, I told her that I too haven’t watched the movie. Already we were inviting glares in the darkness of cinema from other spectators. I thought my clarification of the fact that I too haven’t watched the movie would put things to rest. I was mistaken, she kept asking me, “Will she? Won’t he? What is going to happen?” By the end of the movie, I was at my wits’ end.

But when we emerged out of the movie, she was innocently talking about the movie, that my madness melted away. And I realized she was more beautiful than the girl in the movie. I told myself that a pretty girl like this can’t handle so much suspense and I should have suggested something lighter.

Things went smoothly until we decided to go for a movie again. This time it was a romantic comedy and I was sure this time I wont face similar problems. As the movie began, so did her chatter -” Will he? Won’t he?” It was simple mindless comedy with not even an element of suspense. By then I was angry, so were the rest of the people who were sitting next to us. By the end of the movie, I was mad. I decided to broach the subject that had bothered me for a while. I asked her nonchalantly, “Why do you keep asking what is going to happen in the movie, when we both don’t know? Aren’t you spoiling the fun of the movie? ” She looked quite surprised and said, ” No.” That was it. I didn’t feel like pursuing the subject any further. I decided it is probably the best that I avoided watching movies with her.

A month went by and we were in the most comfortable place of our relationship. One day I asked her to move in with me. She laughed and asked me, ” Isn’t it a little too early?” I had to convince her that there is no such thing as the right time and finally she nodded yes. After a week, she moved in. She had more books than clothes and that impressed me because that’s the kind of girl I wanted in  my life.

One evening, I was going through her collection of DVDs and she was telling which one is her favorite and about the direction, script and so on. Until I came upon The Shawshank Redemption. She said it was her all time favorite and was surprised that I haven’t seen it yet. She urged me to watch the movie. I made lame attempts not to watch it. But she was adamant and I thought to myself what danger can it have as she has already watched the movie.

So we began watching the movie, she lying on my lap. By the second half the movie, I was completely engrossed in the movie. It was then, when I least expected it, she jumped in and told me, ” You know what happens next. Nah, you will never guess it. He….” and she revealed the suspense to me. I turned to look at her in surprise. She had a face of an innocent kid but that didn’t register my mind. I asked her to pack her belonging and leave.

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