The Violinist



I’m a photographer by profession and a loner by nature – that’s me in a nutshell. Long back, for one of my photography assignments, I had moved to the countryside; rented a cottage for couple of months. Mostly, I was on the fields chasing the sun and nature through my lens. On one evening, I heard a melancholic rendering from a violin. It was breathtakingly enchanting yet heart-wrenchingly melancholic. It was coming from somewhere near by. I listened to it, till it lasted, tears streaming down my cheeks. I don’ t remember when was the last time cried. I don’t remember. It must have been ages. All my bottled up pain was washed out. I remembered about the losses I suffered and the heart breaks I survived.

Slowly, it became my routine to long for the music in the evenings so that I could chew on my past. Soon I started longing for the creator of that music. I wanted to know about the creator.

Next morning, when my driver came, I asked him about the source of the music. He told me, ” Oh! that’s Eleena. A very lovely and talented girl. Comes from an aristocratic family. Her parents were musicians. She knows how to play more than 15 instruments and has made her own instrument as well. Her parents had a tragic ending. All they left her were a huge house with lot of musical instruments, a legacy of music, and loans and mortgages. She sold everything to payoff the debts. But she managed to salvage some of the musical instruments. Now, lives here in a cottage with an old woman and teaches kids music.”

With this much information, I was bend on trying to meet her in person. One evening, in the pretext of taking photographs, I went near the old cottage. There she was standing in the grass field pouring her heart through the violin. The lighting was perfect, the dusky sky, the golden field and a solitary girl with her violin. I clicked the moment. As if from a reverie, she came to life. I was at loss but soon I regained my cool and introduced myself and told what I was doing there.

Within a month, we became good friends. One day, I asked her, “What is so special about the violin? You seem quite attached to it.” She looked at me as if trying to see through me  and then said,” Violin is the most human of all musical instruments. A good companion and a shoulder to lean on. While playing the violin you literally lean on to it and pour out your heart, and in return it sings with you voicing the same emotions you feel. ”

What she said remains in my heart and to this day,  when I see a violin I remember her and gently place my head on it and I feel  like I’m leaning on her.

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