Love on Sale

LoveOnSale On a lazy afternoon, she walks through the not-so-busy street browsing through the shop windows. Suddenly, one sign on a shop catches her attention – “Love on Sale!!! Hurry,  only till the signs of love last”. Curiosity gets the better of her and she soon finds herself in the little shop full of greeting cards, gifts, soft toys, and so on.  Through the narrow alley in the shop, she squeezes her way through the chaotic arrangements, careful not to disturb the  arrangements.

She smiles at the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper returns her smile and says, ” Ma’am, pick any item with a sign of love and you can buy it at flat 50% off.”

“Flat 50 % off”, she beams and enquires why love comes so cheap.

The little man understood the sarcasm  in her tone and replies, ” Ma’am, Valentine’s day is over; the season of love. My warehouse cannot carry so much love till the next year and nobody wants the love that looks worn and torn. That’s why love is on sale.”

When she leaves the shop, she feels happier. For she is carrying so much love to be taken home.

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2 Responses to Love on Sale

  1. interesting–there’s an old Beatle’s song about buying love.

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