Fighting like cats and dogs

Fighting like cats and dogs- it took a literal turn when Ajay and Tina discussed what to get  their little angel a.k.a the little monster (for those who know her true nature) for her 4th birthday.



Like most of the parents of this era, Ajay and Tina are career-driven, ambitious and enterprising folks, who have everything in the world to gift their child except quality time. So, every year Ajina’s birthday is one occasion to purge their guilt-ridden souls on not being there for her all round the year. They throw a lavish birthday party and gift her what she loves ( or rather what they think she loves).

This year, Ajay felt that it would be a nice idea to gift her a puppy. Being a dog lover himself, he felt that a dog can watch over his child and it will be loyal and a good friend to her and secretly hoped that having a dog will teach her to care for other living beings and stop harassing them. Tina who had the perpetual habit of refuting any suggestion put forth by her husband, did not fail to jump in. She voiced her thought that a cat is a better option for Ajina. She reasoned that cats are affectionate and at the same time independent. Ajina needs to learn a lot from cats and not dogs. Ajay could not believe that Tina would refute his suggestion by bringing in a feline creature known for its selfishness. To strengthen his argument he said, ” A dog is man’s best friend and it’s been that way for years”. Now, it was Tina’s turn. She said, ” Do you know that cats out number dogs as domesticated animals? In these changing times, we need cats.”

And thus the war began. They fought ferociously like cats and dogs until their neighbor, Mrs. George called in.  She barged into the house looking very furious and said ” It’s your daughter again. This time she crossed the limits of being a little girl. She took my poor cat by its tail and swung it around like a key chain in her hand before flinging it across the lawn…………….” And the accusations poured on and on.

Now, it was Ajay’s and Tina’s turn to drop the idea of getting her a pet for her birthday.

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1 Response to Fighting like cats and dogs

  1. Haha! Let them fight over that!

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