Fellow passenger

I was irritated. Well, that would be an understatement to describe my current mental disposition. My life was and is still surrounded by my mom’s ubiquitous pieces of advice. While growing up, I thought it is just a phase, which eventually would fade out. But I was mistaken. Now, a mother myself and she has not stopped it. In fact, she has renewed giving advice afresh with a new vigor. As though she is convinced that I, a child myself, cannot manage another child. I’m a 30 years old, still tearing my hair to shreds to keep my sanity intact at the superabundance of advice that I receive from my mom.

Today, the plethora of advice is more than I can handle. I’m travelling alone with a 6 month old baby. Mind you! the baby is mine. My mom is sure that I cannot handle things. She kept asking me “did you take the diapers?, what about the baby food?, I hope you have not forgotten her medication?, did you keep a change of dress in her bag? and don’t leave the baby in the stroller and roam around. ” I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes in frustration. I wanted to tell her, “Mom, chill it’s just a one hour journey”. But I didn’t dare. That will start a new conversation with a new set of instructions and advice.

Somehow, I grabbed my bags and baby and escaped from there. I didn’t get much time to fret. I was busy managing my child while getting the boarding pass, getting past the security check, and finally boarding the aircraft. As I settled in, the fight attendant came and briefed me the security precautions to be followed while flying with a baby. As instructed by the flight attendant, I thought I should feed the baby during take off. I started looking for the baby bag. I didn’t realize until then that the seat next to mine was already occupied by a good looking gentleman. He asked me, ” Shall I help you?” and without waiting for an answer from me he took the bag and pulled out the feeding bottle and handed me. I thanked and returned to attending to my baby, who soon  fell asleep.

Now, I turned my attention towards my fellow passenger, who clearly was in an elated mood. He caught me giving him a side glance. He smiled and said, ” You have an adorable baby.” I smiled in return and realized that he looked very familiar. He asked couple of things about where I was going and about the baby. Usually, I wouldn’t have indulged in such a conversation but he looked very familiar. He then introduced himself saying he is  Ryan working for an MNC and is currently going to his home town to marry his sweetheart. I congratulated him and introduced myself. Hearing my name Amaya, he asked me which school I went to and in which year I finished my schooling. When I gave him the details, he asked me, “Did you go for Math tuition to one Mr. Thomas?” I said, ” Yes.” He said, “I  too went there.”  Suddenly, it dawned on me why he had looked so familiar. It was the same guy from my Math tuition on whom I had a huge crush. He seemed to have changed a lot in these years. The funniest thing was I never knew his name until now. I used to keep gazing at him during the boring class. I couldn’t hide my smile thinking about it but managed to hide the fact from him. It was silly but I was excited that he knew my name.


We talked a little about our current lives and didn’t know when the flight landed. My baby was fast asleep all thorough out.  He helped me with my luggage and the time came to bid goodbyes. I wished him the best for his new life and asked him to convey my regards to his bride-to-be. When we reached the exit he in turn told me, ” It is strange. I have an interesting little anecdote to tell my girl. Something I had forgotten for quite a long. I will tell her that today I met my high school crush and her beautiful baby and for the first time in my life, I talked to her.” I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know how to respond and then my husband came running towards me. I introduced them to each other. Then, we said goodbyes to each other and went our separate ways.

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