Under the covers

They are into the 8th year of their marriage but some things have not changed. It bothers him to the core. She still remains a closed book for him in many ways. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies but she somehow drags it to another level.

She is very particular about certain things. For instance, she shares a bed with him but insists on having separate blankets. If by mistake, he slips under the same cover with her, she gets annoyed in a strange manner. Also, every night she slips under the cover completely.

One day he asks her, “Why? why do you have to pull the blanket over your head and why can’t we share the same blanket??? ” She looks amused. She is smiling because she knows he cannot get over the fact that they can share a bed and not a blanket. She also knows that the blanket is not just a blanket for him but a metaphor for the closed chapters of her life.

She smiles at him benignly and asks, ” Darling, what are you afraid of ? Are you afraid that I will turn into a mermaid and slip into the depths of ocean when I slip under the covers? He looks at her astounded and thinks , “Can she read my mind???”

She smiles again and says, ” Honey, just go to sleep”, knowing that he cannot sleep.


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