The Decoupled Couple!

The decoupled couple – that’s how I nicknamed them in my mind.



I have known them for years. They are my good friends. For all these years, I hated spending more than couple of hours with them.

Recently, I was on a conference and I happened to be in the same city as they live and they asked me to stay with them, instead of staying at a hotel. I dreaded the prospect of staying under the same roof with them. I didn’t know a polite way to turn down the offer either. As it turned out to be inevitable, I accepted the offer with a heavy heart.

The much dreaded day finally arrived and they welcomed me to their newly bought house. It was beautiful. I uttered that aloud and to no one in particular. Though, later I regretted having said that. That statement triggered them to indulge in taking potshots at each other.

Tina said, ” Thanks to me for finally narrowing down to this. Otherwise, he cannot decide on anything. Moreover, men do not have any taste when it comes to interiors.” Now it was Ajay’s turn, ” Yeah, that’s why we have such huge bank loan.” ” Had we settled for something I chose, it would have been a prudent financial investment and not a financial debacle like this. And Vikram, do you know the current financial situation of this country?It’s..” Before he could complete Tina barged in with her argument,”Oh, please Mister. Don’t talk about financial prudence. What happened to your last time’s prudent investment? I warned you many times. And forget about our country’s financial situation. You’re not running it, are you? And don’t you talk to an economist about financial prudence and debacles….  The whole night it went on like that. I don’t know when we moved from living room to dining room for dinner and finally back to the living room. I had come after a long tiring travel. I was in no mood for their verbal combat. I started reminiscing about their marriage. They have been married for 15 years or is it 16? Anyway, that’s not important here. What is important is that most of us  thought their marriage would not last this long. They fought with each other with such vengeance. Their views were bipolar in nature. But they were and are still glued together.

Sometimes…mostly when I’m with them and try to keep my focus away from the warfare and keep my sanctity in tact, I imagine that it is a staged drama and they play along to keep their guests engaged. Taking potshots at each other; was it their playful way of loving each other or else how can they be together???

The night wears off in the background of their verbal warfare and I retire to my room finally and they to theirs. Peace is restored for the day.

The same routine continues for the next two days. I, being, a silent spectator in the backdrop. And, finally the day has come when I take leave from them…as I’m about to get on the taxi, both of them together in union say – We enjoyed having you here.  Visit us soon!

As usual that’s the only view they seem to have in common.


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