Painted Nails…

Painted_LifePainted nails! That’s what has always been her fetish. Perhaps that’s how she added colour to her otherwise bland life.  She was young but alone. Had a job but monotonous.  Sometimes she thought of leaving the job but her limited means stopped her and then she reasoned to herself- if not for anything else she needed it for buying nail colours; colours which filled her life.                                                                                                                             She spent most of her salary on nail colours. She had a very impressive collection, a collection which could put nail art salons to shame. She sometimes thought of starting a nail art salon. Painting nails excited her but facing people intimidated her. Maybe someday she thought to herself… She drummed her nails on the desk and looked at the aqua crystal shade that adorned her nails. She thought for a while and decided to paint her nails red for tomorrow.

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