The Art of Gift Wrapping

Tell me, who doesn’t love receiving gifts??? Especially if it is charmingly wrapped with creativity??? I do.

When it comes to wrapping a gift thoughtfully and creatively, there are two schools of thought. One a utilitarian one that thinks that after all it is a wrap that has to be  opened and then thrown away. But the other school of thought appreciates the amount of time spent on it, which simply shows how much you care about the person…After all it is not just the gift that matters but the manner in which it is given.

Yes, as you have guessed I belong to the latter school of thought. It simply flatters me to think how much time and effort the person has spent on packing the gift…(mind you, after having spent considerable time picking it).

A friend of mine once got me a gift blue in color and bought chocolates wrapped in blue wrapper and got it wrapped in a blue gift wrapper… and all of course for the fact that my favorite color is blue…Now, isn’t that sweet? I think so…

Here is a picture of the gift that I wrapped for a friend who is a bride-to-be…and I hope she likes it.

A birthday gift and a handmade card made for someone.

Below picture is the thank you gifts ( return gift ( I hate that phrase)) and hand made thank you cards for my daughter’s birthday.


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3 Responses to The Art of Gift Wrapping

  1. scorpria says:

    This is very pretty!
    I belong to the latter, but I normally do fun stuff…like slapstick comdedy, based on two facts: one, that i have no talent whatsoever in the arena of crafts; and two, that I know what I do with the wrapping will make the receiver laugh out loud 😀

    But this here is really good!

  2. I’m glad that you liked it. This is the first time I tried my hand at something like this. In fact, I’m hopeless at craft and writing…but the fact that I enjoy doing them, keeps me wanting to do more.
    I too would love to do some fun stuff. The only problem here is that my sense of humour hasnt evolved much in all these years and I think now it is pretty late to hope that one day that would happen 😛

  3. vernarie says:

    what is the japanese word for this?

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