Manicure and Pedicure, the Best cure for Depression???


Ask a girl what is one of the simplest ways to fight depression. If the girl is smart enough she would say, “Go get yourself a manicure or a pedicure or better get both!”(Don’t you remember how Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde used to rush for a manicure every time she felt blue?). Well, if a girl does not know it yet, take her to a salon and get her a manicure. She will instantly feel all good.

Now, you must be wondering why I am telling you all these. Can’t you see that I’m setting the prelude for my sad story?  Well, it all happened on that day. It was an ordinary day like any other day if what happened had not happened. My usual chirpiness was giving away for a gloomy doom. From a scale of 10, my chirpiness was spiraling down to the negative zone. It was not so surprising given the fact that I just got to know that I had lost my job. I was on leave, when the rude shock hit the office. The office was soon to be shut down. We were asked to go home. No one bothered to break the news to me. It was around afternoon that I called up my colleague to find out about the new restaurant that has come up in the city and it was then that I got to know the news.

Initially I embraced the news with complete numbness, which was soon followed by soft sobs. I hung up the call and sat down to analyze the situation. I let the fact that I’m out of job, sink into my numb consciousness.

I tried to analyze my situation; I’m on the verge of reaching 30, single, out of job, unsettled credit bills, and definitely on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I realized I am both emotionally and financially broke. The feeling was quite unsettling and I gave voice to it through my soft sobs, which turned into inconsolable loud ones. I, finally, let myself sink into the bed as though resigning to my fate.

My phone is ringing, I know who it is. It is that same guy from the bank who called me to remind me about the credit card bills. I jump out of my window. Now, I’m running. But the phone ring gets louder and louder. I turn back to see, the phone is chasing me. Oh, I got to run faster, I tell myself. I’m running with all my might but I’m not getting ahead. Next, I find myself falling into a deep abyss.

I woke up to see that I had fallen off the bed and now I’m on the floor. And, my phone is still ringing. I asked myself…is it a dream within a dream? Anyway, I reached for my mobile and saw that the call was from my mom. I took the call to hear my mom screaming into my ears in a piercing voice, “Where were you Tina?, I have been calling you since last night.” Since last night??? I parted the curtain to see the sunlight. Oh! f****** ————. I didn’t realize that I was sleeping for so long.

Suddenly I found the urge to lament. I poured out my worries to my mom. She kept repeating the same thing, “Oh! My poor baby, don’t you worry? Everything will be fine. Mamma is here for you.” I reminded myself that she does not the whole story. She does not know about my credit card woes. I didn’t want her to know that. If I tell her, obviously I also owe her an explanation of how this debt piled up.

I let her console me for a while. She reminded me that I’m young and full of life. Nothing should stop me from being happy and achieving what I want. I could easily get another job. She asked me to get up from the bed and have breakfast. I thanked her for being there for me through thick and thin. To which she said what mothers are for. I felt truly light and unburdened. I hung up the call and sat down to analyze the situation again. a) I’m young and full of life. b) I can easily find another job. c) If I find another job quickly, I can settle my credit card bills. * Conditions Apply (if I don’t get too indulgent and go on a swiping spree with my credit card)

With this thought, I went to kitchen and fixed a quick breakfast. After the breakfast, I thought I should analyze the situation completely and come up with a strategic move to tackle the whole situation. Like my mom told me, I reminded myself that I’m young and full of ….ahem life? No!!! The truth is I’m young and a complete wreck. From experience, I know that mothers have an uncanny gift of finding faults with her kids; but when her child is feeling down, she simply cannot find faults with her child. My mother is no exception to this universal truth about mothers.

I told myself all I need to do is fight depression and instil the feeling that I’m a go-getter. Yes, I need to fight depression. Voila! What better than a manicure or a pedicure to cure depression. Most of the men and some of the women drown their worries in alcohol. Which in my opinion is a complete “No”. You tend to get more sober and you cannot think clear after draining alcohol down your throat. That would be like adding insult to injury.  I have tried alcohol once. When I gulped the concoction, my throat and stomach brunt like hell. Then all I remember is waking up to the smell of my own puke and a splitting headache. Never want that again. All I can’t understand is that why people think alcohol is a solution to their problems.

I have a more constructive approach to fight depression. I need to hit the salon and get myself a pedicure. I jumped up from the couch to get dressed. I got dressed in less than 10 minutes, which in itself is a miracle (for those who know me well). I grabbed my keys and wallet. Suddenly the bitter truth slapped me on the face. I’m broke. I don’t have any cash and using the credit card is not a great idea, considering the circumstances.

I sat down with a heavy thud. My first strategic move is thwarted. No, I cannot let this happen. I kept telling there must be a way. Then, I thought why I can’t I do it myself? That was what I used to do when I was in school. During school days, my pocket money was meager and I did my manicure and pedicure myself.

I went and got my manicure set.  I took a large bowl of lukewarm water and gathered remaining supplies required for a pedicure. To set the mood. I played soft music. I immersed my feet in the bowl of lukewarm water. I removed the nail polish with remover, scrubbed my feet, and guess what I am already feeling better. I knew I could do it. I knew I would feel better. I reached for corn and callus remover file and started working on my heels. Each time I ran the file over my heel, I felt as though I’m removing my worries. I felt better and I filed harder. I started dreaming about a job where I would work hard and people would appreciate me for my meticulous and diligent approach to work. I would be awarded the best employee of the year. Soon promotion and hike would follow. But I would never let success get to my head. I will say bye-bye to my credit cards. I would save up money. When I have enough money, I would quit the job. The top management will try to retain me with attractive packages but I wouldn’t listen ’cause I have already made up my mind. I will start my own venture. I was already feeling like a go-getter. With these thought I finished filing using the callus and corn remover. My feet looked pink and soft. I was already feeling too pleased with my work. I dipped my feet in the water. Instantly, I took back my feet. Was the water too hot? Cant be. My feet were burning when it touched the water. I examined my feet. I realized I got to too carried away by my daydreaming and over did the whole filing process. I felt it is too risky to venture further with pedicure process.

I dried my feet with towel. Got on my feet. Ouch! It hurts like hell. I limped to get my slippers on. I put some plasters to avoid further damage. I hit all time low. I screamed at myself, who the hell ever told that manicure and pedicure can cure depression??? Anyway who the hell ever heard of pedicure or manicure going wrong??? I limped to reach my bed. Now, I’m on the verge of 30, single, with unsettled credit card bills, depressed( and no longer fighting depression) and can’t stand on my own feet. Well, did you notice that it is a pun? Well, that can’t help me feel better.

I sank into the depth of bed once again, waiting for my mother’s phone. When she will console me that all is well.

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7 Responses to Manicure and Pedicure, the Best cure for Depression???

  1. I can completely sympathize with you. Im glad you decided to pull your self up and scrub the hell outta your feet :). I hope today is a better day

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