Bangles Lost









Months later she was fiddling through her bookshelf, her heart trying to take refuge somewhere in the pages of some book. Suddenly, from somewhere the bookshelf a glass bangle fell down on the bare floor and shattered to pieces in front of her eyes. She closed the fingers on her palm tightly as though trying to gain control over something that she lost control long before. Kneeling down on the floor, slowly, she picked up bits of it and realized that it’s hard to fuse the broken bits back together like her shattered heart. From her gloomy eyes rolled down few drops of tears and touched the harsh ground of reality.

Her mind rolled back to the memories of yesteryears when she used to be just a school girl. She remembered herself rushing back home from school with tears streaming down her soft cheeks, clutching on to the bits of her broken bangles and crying out her heart. She wept on and on all night, even after promises of replacing the bits of broken bangles with new bangles of vibrant colours were made to her. For the promise made to her was fulfilled when the banglewala came the next morning. She was shown bangles of every colour and variety to choose from. She remembered herself biting lips in confusion which one to choose because all of them were equally beautiful. As soon as she decided which one to buy, she wore those bangles and ran out of the house to show to the neighbourhood girls her new bangles of vibrant colours, her laughter touching the blue skies above and she held on to her new bangles as though those bangles were the most precious things in her life.

Suddenly, a piece of the broken bangle prickled her lovely finger and a drop of blood appeared on her fair skin within no time and instantly she was drawn back to reality. She closed her eyes as though even when she closed her eyes her heart bled with pain. She thought about how her life changed a few months ago. It all came floating back to mind as though it happened just yesterday; it was only because her mind was always preoccupied with those moments now.

A new rainbow appeared on the skies of her new life. New colours started filling her new life for she was newly married bride as young as a rose bud that has just unfurled. But when this rainbow appeared on the sky she didn’t even think that rainbows don’t last for a lifetime on the sky and soon it will fade away leaving no trace at all.

She remembered that fateful evening when she came back from temple. She didn’t know what had happened or what was going to happen. There was an unusual crowd around her house, when she entered the house people around gazed at her with pity, calling her poor thing, the unfortunate. Then she saw right at the centre of the room, there laid a body covered with white cloth and people screaming around the body as though they were in pain. Before she could realize what had happened or what was happening, from somewhere came the old women of the neighbourhood and took the pooja thali from her hands and broke her lovely red bangles and rubbed off her bindi and kumkum.

She cried and cried not knowing…when she realized, she also realized that all colours had been drained out of her life. Nothing was left behind. The white saree she wore symbolised her barren life. She looked out of the window and the sky up above was as blue as ever and wished she had chased the rainbow before it faded away.

For this time no promises of new bangles were made…

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