Bottled-up Emotions

When tears of anger refuse to gush down thy cheeks, have you felt like you wanted to scream out aloud, giving vent to all the pent-up emotions…like a cork giving vent to a bottled up spirit??? I’m sure at some point in your life, you might have felt that way…as I feel now. I want to scream out to the world. I just want to give vent to the bottled up emotions and I want the tide of emotions to settle into a lucid-placid lake.

At this moment screaming alone seems to be the salvation of this ineffectual troubled soul. No matter how much ever I want to do that, I cannot bring myself to do that. I’m bound by the chains of the  society- the codes of the society.  The very chain or code that made me so mad at myself.


About Broody Moody Mind

Broody-Moody Mind is a person who literally broods over every significant and insignificant thing in life and later depending on the mood, gets moody about it. So, basically all Broody-Moody does is rant and rave about everything in life. As someone rightly said, "Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain."
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2 Responses to Bottled-up Emotions

  1. Justin T says:

    Vent to the bottled up emotions. Exactly !!

  2. Justin T says:

    hey waiting for that inevitable new post!

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