Juggling Act

At one point of your life you realize, your life has been reduced to a mere juggling act. And in this juggling act, you are nothing more than an old creaky over-worked weary machine. There is no sympathy. Either you succeed to keep up with the act or simply succumb to the gravity and fall apart into pieces.

Every day, when I wake up in the morning after a dreamless night or a sleepless night (but how can one wake up from a sleepless night, people ask me. I do not know but I have been doing that for quite some time…), I reluctantly come to terms with the reality-the reality of having to dress up and play the part.  Without spending much time for myself I rush to office, so that I can earn enough to buy a comfortable life.

After getting a job, I have become more adventurous, something I failed to do in my school and college days. I run behind transport buses like dogs chasing cars but with an obvious hope of hopping on it without hurting my limps.

Then after the entire circus, I manage to reach office. Surprisingly, all in one piece. The security at the entrance gate looks at me with the usual grumpiness. I have not displayed my company ID card. Every day unfailingly I try to evade being caught and unfailingly he stops me at the entrance and demands for the ID. What is it? Am I some fugitive or terrorist trying to gain unauthorized entry??? (My straight-from-bed style funda shouldn’t be held a reason ) Come on, I’m working here for the past 2 years. Isn’t it long enough a time to remember the face of a person??? This is what I hate about this corporate life and its security system. They look at you as if you’re some criminal trying to creep in…Perhaps it is because familiarity breeds contempt…a classic example.

Here I enter the office and my manager gives me a triumphant look – “Look! Dear, today also you’re 5 minutes late.” I sheepishly slip into my chair and try to figure out what is to be done. Right, then I can sense someone standing right behind me. I know who it is.  Without a clue or a hint. It is none other than my beloved manager. He smiles sweetly at me and asks how I am doing and how often I go home. All these while honey seeping out of his lips. Sheesh! I know, I’m in trouble for sure. Then, he tells me about the upcoming project, which the Regional Manager has talked about. Now, I know I’m in more trouble. Then, he tells me..the project is going not toooo well. But not toooo much to worry also. It can be driven in the right direction if someone adept and capable is brought into the picture. And guess what??? I suggested your name. Shit!Shit Shit! I’m in deep deep deep shit. A customer project that has not been going well???? IS he out of his mind???…That means sleepless nights and endless discussions and only coffee to give you comfort.

It is 10 at night. I’m still at office breaking my head on this project. I look at the photo on the desk. It is a childhood photo with family. It was taken when I came home after school. We looked so happy. Not just happy…genuinely happy. Here I’m trying to balance things in this juggling act….all for earning a comfortable living… I take the picture in hand and ask myself….COMFORTABLE….oh! really, huh?

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5 Responses to Juggling Act

  1. Justin T says:

    that made for good reading! u actually run behind buses?? whoa man take care!!
    good to see your blog!

  2. Justin T says:

    whoa somehow i cant picture that 🙂
    keep blogging!! I’m reading!

    • Why is it so hard for a person with such vivid imagination??? I cant imagine why… 🙂 Moreover, given the fact that you dont know me should be another reason why it should be so easy for you to picture me running behind buses like a dog.

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