Mourning over the morning!

Dear All,

Mourning morning to one and all.Yet another dreadful morning. My alarm kept screeching till I forced myself to wake up and hunt for the little monster which was hiding somewhere in the chaotic mess(Well, this chaotic mess is nothing other than my room and its usual state of existence). It could have been a beautiful day, had I had the choice of cuddling myself in the snug and warmth of my bed. But I had to wake up, walk all the way to the bus stop through that wretched road which was infected by puddles of last night downpour and what not.

Now, at office. Thinking of ways to fight ennui. I have realised lately that sooner or later monotony will inevitably creep into your job. Well, in my case it  crept in during the first week of my job. Pretty fast,right?

Hmm, let me concoct ways to appear busy and doing something important. Perhaps, I’ll return to you…till then b’bye from me.

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2 Responses to Mourning over the morning!

  1. Justin T says:

    why on earth have u not blogged after this?? Explain!!
    or better still, Blog!!

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