Maiden Broadcast

Consumed by the popular herd mentality and the want to stay alive in the social arena (also, for  the want to fight ennui), I decided to take a dive on to the net and get myself entangled in the magnificent tapestry of this mesmerizing web, though a little late. But as they say, better late than never.

In today’s world, social arena is no more the meeting of people in Kitty Parties and at Ramu’s Tea Stall. But if somebody asks where’s the party tonight?; it is simultaneously being on FB, Twitter and the likes of it. So, I decided to stay afloat and to fight ennui I should also try dabbling in blogging (after having miserably failed in the Tweet World and  thoroughly bored with FB). I thought, first, I should take a look at what’s happening in the blogging world. I browsed through some of the very popular blogs and instantly, I was bitten by the blog bug.

So, here I am trying to mumble and jumble words to satiate my deep-rooted desire to rant, rave and a lot more….

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2 Responses to Maiden Broadcast

  1. justin989 says:

    the word ennui seems to be recurring a lot in your initial blogs! 🙂

    • I agree. But the very same word drove me to the desperation of starting a blog. So, I think it is justifiable to have so much of it in my initial blog….let’s see if blogging can cure me of it.

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